What to do after an accident?

The event of a car accident can be scary and traumatizing. There are over 5 million car accidents a year in the united states and none of them are planned. Here are 5 steps to check after being in a car accident.

Check for injuries

Make sure that you are not hurt, if you are able, call 911  immediately. You cannot help others if you are not okay. If you are seriously injured try not to move too much so further injury will not occur. Once you asses and are not hurt check on others for injuries.

Get out of danger

Move your car, if able, out of the road area and have everyone get out of the vehicles. You don’t want any further accidents to occur by remaining in traffic. Because this is a scary time, you may not remember what you usually do when leaving a vehicle. Don’t leave loved ones in a hot car.

car crash

Call 911

Unless the accident is very minor (no one is injured, cars sustained no damage, and everyone agrees to laugh it off), then you might want to report the accident to the police. The police will come out, investigate, and then prepare a police report. If the police are unavailable make sure to exchange information with the other party. 

Filing a claim

If you are at fault for the accident you don’t have to file a claim with insurance. Be aware that even if the damage seems small it might be costlier than you think. There is a lot more technology that goes into making a car like sensors and cameras.

Free estimate

Call Winners Circle Collision

Once all information is traded and everyone is safe make sure to stop by your neighborhood Winners Circle Collision center for your free repair estimate. We can take over the repair from there and work with your insurance, so you can get back to your life.